I Win Again! The Sonnet.

Pretty Boy Simon C. Larter lost again, and so I demanded that he write me a sonnet.  It took him, like, minutes.  If I had known how deft he was at verse, I would have made him do something a million times more difficult.  Dagnabbit, but I’m soft.

Without further ado, I give you The Magnificence of Mercedes: The Sonnet!

The crimson lips, the smoky eyes, the hair
as black as night, the flow’r, the smile distract–
one sees nought but the lady’s face, so fair;
but beauty hides a core of steel, in fact.

Sky-high stilettos… she–a femme fatale?–
exudes a sharp-edged charm, enticing danger.
With words (her weapons) she will hold in thrall
the unexpecting, the unwary stranger.

She will not lose a competition, no–
she’ll crack the gates of hell to find a way
to win, and in her victory, we know
that we who lose shall now have hell to pay.

What say I of this vixen, in the end?
A lovely mother, soulful writer, friend.

12 Comments on “I Win Again! The Sonnet.”

  1. Yes, yes, you beat me again. Not this week, though, honey. This week I’m killin’ the word count, and shall rain fire and brimstone upon you from afar. Bwahahahaaa!

    Also, I’m amused that I have my own tag on your blog. 🙂

  2. Mercedes congratulations! (I knew you could do it! keep up the great work!!)

    Simon, nice sonnet left me with a smile at the end.

  3. You’re amused about the tag, Simon? Why, you practically live here! And I was all thrilled about forcing you to make a dress the next time you lose, but making me model it sounds…like a bad idea. Well played, good sir. Well played.

    lotusgirl-Man, I love winning. But now I love it even more. 😛

    K.C. Wow, you seem all nice and stuff, but you’re basically pretty evil, aren’t you? Beautiful!

    Thanks, Andrea! 😀

    Again, Aaron, I’d like to say that your teacher is showing, and that ROCKS.

    Yvonne-I briefly thought about checking out to make sure that he was true to form, but I struggled so much with sonnets in school that I just didn’t wanna.

    Hinny, how can you be so sweet and so dark at the same time? I so dig.

    Merrilee-I’ll reread this on days of low self-esteem.

    Harley! I know! I told him that I’d send it to old boyfriends. But I *had* to sound good. It was in the rules. 😉

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