Stop 9: Simon C Larter, The Man I Love To Hurt

You may remember my darling Simon C. Larter from a little noir serial titled Stilettos and Shirley Temples.  If you look for it on our blogs, well, you won’t find it.  Because.  And that’s all I’m allowed to say at this point.  😀   Anyway, S did a lovely little interview on his blog, and we were frightfully polite. The … Read More

Write Hard: Writers Who Inspire Me

I have to tell you that receiving the WRITE HARD award from superstar Aaron Polson means a lot to me.  That man is as creative and industrious as he is talented, and it’s extremely awesome to be running in his circle.  Thanks, Aaron! The rules are simple. When you win: 1. Post the picture above to your blog. 2. List at least … Read More

Wombats Will Rule The Wooooooorld!

See that pair of man feet in the header?  That’s my friend Mason.  By now, if you read this rather hysterical post that he wrote, you know that he and I entered a flash fiction contest for the Las Vegas Book Festival.  We talked smack, swaggered around, and totally vowed to out-write each other.  So what happens?  We tied for … Read More

Coolest. T-shirt. Ever.

  Is there anything more delicious than this?  No, not really. I won another week of the #NovelChallenge against Simon.  This man makes losing look fantastic. This is the third time that he’s lost to me.  But this week I lost to him for the very first time.  What will my consequence be, do you think? Anyway, awesome pic, Simon.  You’re stellar.

I Win Again! The Sonnet.

Pretty Boy Simon C. Larter lost again, and so I demanded that he write me a sonnet.  It took him, like, minutes.  If I had known how deft he was at verse, I would have made him do something a million times more difficult.  Dagnabbit, but I’m soft. Without further ado, I give you The Magnificence of Mercedes: The Sonnet! … Read More