“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” features Amie Boudreau

I love Masks, and mostly African Masks.
I became fascinated with African art and culture in college when my chorale did a piece called O Sifuni Mungu and I fell in love with the sounds of African music.
While living in New Orleans I fell in love with the art I found in the open market stalls there that the merchant marines would bring in and that a neighbor who was a merchant marine had in his home and I set out to build my own authentic collection.
It has taken my many years to build the very small collection I do have.  Masks are hard to find, and they are very expensive when you find an authentic one.  There is also an energy about them, and I choose them by ‘energy’ as odd as that may sound.
This mask I found of all places stuck behind a stack of junk in a Goodwill store. I found it whimsical and fun and it just seemed to call out to me to take it home and clean it up and display it.
Being a writer to me means I can wear many masks, be many people. I can live vicariously through my characters, and experience things I could never do in reality. 

I have one published novel that is now out of print, only just this year, called Reckless, though you can still find it on Amazon.  It is published under my former name, A. S. Zinnel.   I am working on a sequel to that as well as a screenplay for it and a new project that is going to be a fantasy novel, something I’ve never tried before but feel pulled to do.
When not writing I live in the country with my spouse, Crys and our four kids, two horses, four cats and two dogs and I work in a bank counting other people’s money, dreaming of being on the best seller’s list someday.
I also keep a blog called Chasing Cornfields at www.chasingcornfields.com.

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