I Went on Vacation and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt. And Freckles.

Actually, it wasn’t so much a “vacation” as it was a desperate attempt to flee for our lives.  My husband works crazy hours during the summer, and the heat triggers Tiny Daughter’s seizures.  I packed up the kidlets and went to my hometown for two weeks, which was amazing.

Know how much writing I did?  Not a word, except for Part 4 of the serial blog.  But I changed the blog up a bit, hopefully making it easier to read in the process.  I figured out a game plan for the project that I…I was going to say “stalled on”, but that isn’t the case.  I’m working on the Williams Syndrome book and I wrote an excruciatingly painful chapter.  So painful, in fact, that I actually cried during my writer’s group.  Writing something so wrenching took a lot out of me, and I gave myself a break.  Anyway, it’s time to get back on that horse, and I plan to finish the first draft by September 1.  Rock on.  I’m in the “everything is coming up roses!” section now, so it will be a joy to work on.

But I mostly spent the last two weeks playing with my kids.  We played in the pool.  We went to the desert.  We held hands and ran around outside in the grass.  I haven’t seen so much sun in a very long time.  Not only do I have real color in my face now, I even have a few freckles across my nose.

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  1. I bet you look cute 🙂 also taking a break from writing, that sometimes is the best thing to do. You deserved it. Now get back on that horse!!! I have faith in you. You are a survivor and so is the rest of your family. HUGS

  2. Gosh, that break sounds fabulous. I know I’ve had a good time when I end up with face freckles! (I always have them on my arms and shoulders :/)

  3. Anthony: And good luck to you, too! Shall we hit our goals? Yes, we shall. Rah rah Patient Zero!

    kvtaylor: My husband has the most adorable freckles. Everywhere, even on his lips. I get them on my shoulders, too, when I’m not busy being translucent. I’d forgotten how much I like being outside. It isn’t really possible during the Vegas summer.

    Harley: I’m glad you had your fun beach reprieve! I love love loved that post!

    Natalie: I’ll drink (Coke Zero) to that!

    Kimberly: It’s amazing how tough it is to slow down, isn’t it? And I went through life thinking that I was really lazy! 😛

  4. I see no pictures of t-shirts. Or freckles. Therefore, neither exists. Also, I’m skeptical of this whole so-called vacation thing. 😛

    Er…what I mean to say is, welcome home! Yes. *nods*

  5. I’ll have you know we stored your tears in little crystal vials and are patiently waiting the opening of the portal of Hamnaspirides so we can offer sweet libations to Kalthulkas the Demiurge before he gets down to the nitty gritty of enslaving mortals.

    Just FYI, and stuff.

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