Wigleaf, and Strange Little Girls

Hey, remember the Hint Fiction anthology that’s coming out in November? They released a special issue of Wigleaf in preparation for for it. Swing by and see my (very) short story “Broken”.

Also, I have been nominated for Cate Gardner’s “Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits” award by Natalie Sin, KV Taylor, and Anthony J. Rapino. Thank you, my dark lovelies, although I assure all of you that I am not in the least bit creepy. Here are the rules of the contest. I’d like to nominate my fellow strangies Ken Wood (for laughing and then buying my story after I threatened him with a shovel), John Boden (for his gloriously macabre taste in music and everything else), Carrie Harris (for being the strangest of them all. I swear we were siblings separated at birth), Mason Ian (stranger than strangety strange, in only the best way, and those are his man feet in the header), Simon Larter (that man takes a smackdown and keeps on grinning), Harley May (strange has never looked so hot), and Matt Betts (whose love affair with Godzilla raises eyebrows).

You’re all crazy. Rock on! And pick up Cate’s fantastic book while you’re at it. Her writing makes me swoon.

6 Comments on “Wigleaf, and Strange Little Girls”

  1. Congrats on the the antho! You make me ache with your awesomeness. This strange award fills me with a ridiculous amount of pleasure for I love oddities in pin stripes.

    Also, I can’t wait to braid your hair.

  2. Hahaa! Wait…what? You think I’m strange? I shall take that as a lovely compliment, especially considering the odd company with which you rank me. W00TSKI! *bows*

    Many thanks, good lady! (And of course I use “good” in a semi-ironic sense. You *have* taken to stabbing me of late.)

  3. Strange things are happening …

    Okay, congrats on the award celebrating strangeness!

    Also, I left you an award over on my blog as well 🙂

    Happy weekend!

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