Download NAMELESS for Free!

So once upon a time my friend Nisa had a bad day, so I wrote her a novel. I literally sent her about a chapter a day. This fun little book became my first published novel titled¬†Nameless: The Darkness Comes.¬† It’s fun, crazy, snarky, creepy, and has a healthy dose of the paranormal and hard, grueling reality. It’s my best … Read More

Wigleaf, and Strange Little Girls

Hey, remember the Hint Fiction anthology that’s coming out in November? They released a special issue of Wigleaf in preparation for for it. Swing by and see my (very) short story “Broken”. Also, I have been nominated for Cate Gardner’s “Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits” award by Natalie Sin, KV Taylor, and Anthony J. Rapino. Thank you, my dark lovelies, … Read More