Paparazzi, Voyeurs, and Forbidden Love

In order to keep their new romance on the down-low, Mercedes M. Yardley and Hint Fiction try to avoid the papparazzi.


Robert Swartwood, the editor of Hint Fiction, asked all of the contributors to take a picture of themselves with the book and submit it to the Hint Fiction page on Facebook.  This is mine.

Also! I’m thrilled to report that Three Guys, One Book reviewed Hint Fiction and commented on ten stories in particular.  Joyce Carol Oates was one.  Mine was another!  I am humbled and delighted to be in such prestigious company, and apparently I bring out the voyeur in people.  Won’t you stop by and read the review?

6 Comments on “Paparazzi, Voyeurs, and Forbidden Love”

  1. Harley: Bwa ha ha! That’s why I hit Orlando, Atlanta, and Vegas all in one day! (And boy, are my arms tired.) 😛

    Babyface Jeremy D: Thanks! And I totally dig your gnawing-on-the-book pic. Submit!

  2. I think my favorite part of that pic is the bandanna with the skulls. Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s it. 😉

    Congrats on the lovely review, good lady! You bring out the voyeur in all of us.

    Wait…that didn’t sound right….

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