Shark Art!

The coolest thing happened.  Remember my short piece “Public Mourning” that was published in Robert Swartwood’s Hint Fiction anthology?  I was all atwitter about it.  I was in an anthology with Joyce Carol Oates, for crying out loud! How could things get any better? Well, they managed to, and this is SWEET.  The Columbia Art League ( ) in Missouri … Read More

Paparazzi, Voyeurs, and Forbidden Love

In order to keep their new romance on the down-low, Mercedes M. Yardley and Hint Fiction try to avoid the papparazzi.   Robert Swartwood, the editor of Hint Fiction, asked all of the contributors to take a picture of themselves with the book and submit it to the Hint Fiction page on Facebook.  This is mine. Also! I’m thrilled to report … Read More

WIP Thursday. Just ‘cuz.

I feel like I’m buried under projects, and I need to dig myself out before NaNoWriMo.  This morning I came to the conclusion that I’m going to have to let some things go.  There are a couple of anthology deadlines that I’m just going to miss, and that’s okay.  I’m trying to prioritize, and it’s interesting how things are shaking … Read More