In Which I Obsess Over Star Candies

Tonight was The Night of Writing Dangerously, and it was super fantastic! First, I have two pics! 

Number one: I finally had my first Shirley Temple with extra cherries, the official assassin’s drink.  It was delicious. Yes, I’m holding two. Don’t judge me.  😉

And number two: I was utterly charmed by these adorable star candies! Did anybody else think Spirited Away and the soot monsters when you saw this?  I actually asked the photographer to take a picture of them, and he said he caught some great shots of the candies falling from the scoop into the bowl.  He’ll email them to me later.  I can’t wait.

Goodnight, my friends!

6 Comments on “In Which I Obsess Over Star Candies”

  1. Shirley Temples RULE! We used to go to Cape Code Cafe when I was younger, and we’d also get a pitcher with extra cherries. Mmmm.

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