WIP Wednesday: NaNoWriMo Begins! And Holy Heck!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just stepped off the train into Crazyville. I thought, “NaNo would be the perfect time to pause in the memoir and write Stormlight.  Wouldn’t that be swell?”

Well, sure it would.  Except that I can’t seem to turn off my brain. Yesterday I wrote 1800 words on Stormlight and then 1200 on the memoir.  Then I wrote my author’s notes and bio for “The Container of Sorrows”, which will be joining a very lovely collection that I’m extremely excited about. I turned all of that in.  Oh, yeah, and I’m beta reading a kickbutt memoir by the lovely and super-snarky Pauline Campos.  AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.  Like, five chapters a night.  Go, girl power!  And then I have a short project due tomorrow.  (Written, needs polishing.)  And another short project due by Saturday. (Haven’t even started it yet.)  But I’d better have it in by Friday, because on Saturday I actually have a reading alongside the superstar Mason Bundschuh at the Las Vegas Book Festival.  (What will we be reading?  I’ll show you on Friday!)  Shock Totem slush doesn’t stop coming just because it’s NaNo. Not to mention my installment of Stilettos and Shirley Temples that goes up on Monday. We’re winding it up, and everything is going to go up in smoke, soon.  That’s a fairly accurate description, knowing us.

I remember my first NaNoWriMo. I had a vague novel idea and lots of time on my hands. That isn’t the case anymore, and things are busier than ever.  I kind of like it, though.  Not when things get TOO out of hand, of course, but I like that I have all of these delightful projects up in the air.  I’m doing what I love and it makes me happy.  I’m a very lucky woman. 

How are you guys doing on your projects?  😀

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  1. Well I thought my NaNoWriMo book was going really well until I read this post. I think I need to lie down and rest now. I wonder if I could curl up under the reception desk. There’s only a handful of people in at the moment and I don’t have to switch on the phones for 12 minutes so I might just get away with it.

  2. Your output far exceeds my own, Cate! And I’m trying to be very kind to myself and drop my expectations down for this NaNo. While some of my novels needed very little editing, this one is already cliche-ridden and cringe-worthy. I’m going to give myself permission to let this first draft suck, and just focus on getting the idea down while balancing everything else. It isn’t my best work so far, but it’s only day 3 so maybe that can change. (Although I don’t think so.) 😉

  3. Yay another NaNo-er.

    My focus right now is mainly NaNo, but there’s another WIP that keeps vying for attention. My goal is to be disciplined to one project at a time until I actually *finish* something.

    NaNo this year kicks NaNo last year’s butt. Having way more fun, getting way more written. At this time last year I was already getting sick of my story. This year I’m still madly in love with all of it.

    What’s your NaNo user name btw… we should totally be buddies! (I’m Asheyna ofc)

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