Strong Like Butterfly Ebook

Strong Like Butterfly brings the best of the popular website Girl Body Pride to the pages of your e-reader in a collection of strong and inspiring essays from women celebrating the You that You Are Right Now. While the word “Body” might be interpreted only as that which never seems to be the right size, shape, or weight, it is … Read More

The “Strong Like Butterfly” Ebook Launch! And Win A Free Book!

  The savvy and force of nature Pauline Campos has edited a wonderful new ebook titled Strong Like Butterfly.  It’s a painful and victorious collection of stories from strong women who are overcoming and even celebrating adversity. I’m honored to be included.  My story “Heavy Like Grief” was written three months after losing my girls. It was tough to write, but … Read More

4th Stop of the Tour: Talking To Your Daughter About “Pretty”

It’s the 4th stop of the Beautiful Sorrows blog tour! My friend Pauline Campos, an extremely inspiring woman, is running my post “Talking to Your Daughter about ‘Pretty’” on her GIRL BODY PRIDE site.  My five year old asked me if she was pretty, and I couldn’t simply answer with, “Yes, sweetie.” Life is so much more than pretty. What … Read More

Write Hard: Writers Who Inspire Me

I have to tell you that receiving the WRITE HARD award from superstar Aaron Polson means a lot to me.  That man is as creative and industrious as he is talented, and it’s extremely awesome to be running in his circle.  Thanks, Aaron! The rules are simple. When you win: 1. Post the picture above to your blog. 2. List at least … Read More

WIP Wednesday: NaNoWriMo Begins! And Holy Heck!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just stepped off the train into Crazyville. I thought, “NaNo would be the perfect time to pause in the memoir and write Stormlight.  Wouldn’t that be swell?” Well, sure it would.  Except that I can’t seem to turn off my brain. Yesterday I wrote 1800 words on Stormlight and then 1200 on the memoir.  Then … Read More