Cute, Or Stalky? You Decide!

Random acts of kindness are some of the coolest things on earth. I so dig, believe me. But while I was looking through some ideas online, I came across one that made me double-take. It suggested that you pick up some inexpensive vases and flowers, pick a few names at random in the phonebook, and drop the flowers off early in the morning before the world awakes.

While flowers make the world go ’round, I couldn’t help but think that tracking down strangers at their homes is, well, a little creepy. Hiding in the bushes to watch them receive their surprise gifts is the natural next step, methinks. And that’s definitely creepy.

So is this a sweet idea, or is it stalky? I’m thinking it might be sweetly stalky, if such a thing exists. Then again, I live in Vegas, where sneaking onto somebody’s porch in the early morning hours is a good way to get yourself shot.

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  1. Heh, at first I was thinking that you meant that ‘we’ would just randomly place vases on people’s front porch, which, might not be so stalkery… HOWEVER, if I had some random stranger run up to me and give me flowers, I would probably slip a little freaked out.

    I had some random girl give me “random hugs,” one day. I wasn’t a fan.

  2. On May 1, it used to be customary to pick flowers and leave them at the doors of your neighbors, but in this day and age, this kind of thing might cause trouble. If this was done, I would suggest a little note about the RAOK (random act of kindness).
    might be creepy for some, but kind of cool too.

  3. So now I have this image in my head of Mercedes on her front porch, pregnant, in a bathrobe and stiletto heels, with a 30-06 on her hip, chasing a dude with a vase of flowers out of her front yard. Petals everywhere.


  4. DOn’t stand around and wait for their response. IF they get mad it will just discourage you. I also agree on leaving a little note something like Random act of kindness hope this brings a smile to your face, signed kind giver.

  5. This seems creepy to me but then I have been stalked in the past and trust me it is a nasty feeling. You feel dirty all of the time so this idea seems almost scuzzy to me and I am a real RAOK kind of person but there are limits and boundaries to behavior toward others.

    Too freaky for me.


  6. Definitely on the creepy side.

    Oh hey, total stranger. Did you get those flowers I left on your doorstep at three in the morning? GAH! THE PEPPER SPRAY BURNS! WHY WAS I BORN SO KIND?!?

    … and scene.

  7. Cate, I get you. I’d see these sweet flowers, and they would turn sinister for me. Who sent them? The FBI? The crazy guy from the city writer’s group? SOMEBODY SUPER WEIRD???

    Kara, “random hugs” would turn into “random right hooks” for me. But then, that’s how I roll. How creepy!

    Shadow, a little note changes everything! You’re totally right. We used to leave gifts for the neighbors, but we actually knew our neighbors then. Before the world went all crazycakes. πŸ˜‰

    Simon, I’m ashamed to say that I don’t own a bathrobe. But I do have a super cool kimono with a gold dragon down the back. I also have a story that you need to read. Indeed, petals everywhere.

    Tom: Yes,yes, the note! Otherwise it could be from any crazy in town and not a well-intentioned one! Personally, I’d be pleased to receive something if I felt comfortable about the intentions.

    Harley: Ah, snap. Scratch my Woo Harley On Valentine’s Day plans, then.

    Ardee-ann: I hear you. Sending flowers to work is one thing. Tracking somebody down at home is totally different.

    Gef, I think that was the best comment that I HAVE EVER READ! I literally choked on my Coke. Thanks for that. πŸ˜›

  8. Stalky.

    No matter how many times I’ve been tempted to leave bits and pieces of things on strangers’ front porches, I’ve always restrained myself.

    Joking, joking. You know, about ever actually thinking of doing this, not the restraint.

    Oh, lord. Just digging the hole deeper.

  9. Yes, this to me would definitely be creepy. I have 14 acres, they will never find the body. lol Not to many people stray to my front porch out here in the country but if they do, my dog will have a treat with those flowers.

  10. I thought your post was funny and read it to Mitch. But then the comments had me in stitches, esp. Gef. And Simon. So funny!

  11. Funny, but stalky. Probably NOT funny if it happened to me. I’d think there was anthrax in the flowers, and be a little nervous if it led to assumptions about a secret admire.

    But yeah, funny! Bet you could get a hell of a story out of it πŸ˜€

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