I Participate In Anne Riley’s Character Invasion

Anne Riley is one of those driven-yet-friendly girls that I always want to sidle up to because she’s just enjoyable.  She’s creative, intelligent, and friendly, and I so dig women that are friendly! So when I saw that she was doing something called “The Character Invasion”, I was intrigued.  What a great opportunity to do a writing exercise that totally rocked my socks off, and support Anne as well. It was an amazing experience, and I enjoyed it 100%! Extra points because she’s now crushing on my character, Reed Taylor.  That makes two of us.

Swing by and check it out here.  And then participate! It was a lot of fun and effective.  Thanks, Anne! 😀

2 Comments on “I Participate In Anne Riley’s Character Invasion”

  1. Mercedes, great exercise wonderful interaction between you and Reed Taylor. I am glad that it helped you with your writing and to get inside his head or get him inside your head whichever the case may be. Totally awesome!

    I really enjoyed reading this. Great concept.



  2. I love it, Mercedes. (It’s like, the description of my whole life, me getting knocked around by characters. My misery/joy loves company!) <3

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