Fair Warning: The Cheeriest Kidnapping Ever

If you stop by today, I’m gonna hand you a screwdriver and ask you to take the hardware off of my cabinets.  When you’re finished with that, I’m going to ask how you feel about primer.  When everything is all primed, I’ll invite you to watch a movie.  When the movie is over, I’ll check the cabinets for tackiness and we’ll either go to lunch or paint all of the hinges white.  When the hinges are done, I’ll ask if my hair looks better up or down.  After we make a decision, we’re off to Lowes (where the sweet old hippie guy calls me “My Dear” and “Honey” and “Sweetness”) and we’ll pick up the stone paint.  When we’re finished with that, after prettily bidding sweet old hippie guy farewell, we’ll run into a florist shop so we can smell the flowers.  After leaving with yellow flower or two, it’s back to my house to work on counters.  All day.  We’ll sing old songs.  We’ll sing new songs.  We’ll sing songs that really don’t exist and then we’ll realize that we forgot to properly ventilate the kitchen.  We’ll jump on the trampoline and swing on the swings while the house airs out.  I’ll hug you and thank you over and over for coming and being part of my day.  I’ll invite you back tomorrow.  You’ll go home and realize that you forgot to drop off my mail/a package/tell me about your religion/ask if my alarm system was working.  But it won’t matter.  Today was absolutely lovely.

4 Comments on “Fair Warning: The Cheeriest Kidnapping Ever”

  1. Mercedes, you are one of the most delightful people I have ever met. What a lovely kidnapping! I enjoyed every minute of it. BTW, I will bring back the book I had borrowed and meant to return tomorrow!



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