Stop 6: Interviewed by Jesus

Some of you know him as Jesus.  Or “that cool hippie dude”.  Because, thanks to Mason Bundschuh’s crazy beard, he now looks like this:


Mason “Jesus” B, billie the girl, and Ryan “I’m possessed by imps” Bridger. Oh yeah, and me.

When I met El Chupacabra, he looked more like this:


(HA, Mason! That’s for beating me at the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival Flash Fiction contest!)

Anyway, M is one of my favorite wombats ever. You hear me speak quite a bit about my writer’s group, The Illiterati.  Mason sat me down (as well as he could) and forced me to answer some questions.  Want to hear about the Titanic? Our fantastic dance-off?  (That’s in the previous interview that he links to on the page. It’s awesome.)  If you want to see a little (but not much) skin, stop on by!  The interview can be read here.


Also, I’ve been out of town because my one and only sibling got hitched to his beautiful bride. Congratulations, Riley and Corina! I love you guys!

3 Comments on “Stop 6: Interviewed by Jesus”

  1. If I change my name it’ll be to an arcane symbol (now that Prince is back to being Prince again).

    El ChupaJesus sounds like the Mexican version of “Testa-mints” candy. (Chupa = suck)

    But when I do shave the beard, I’m totally making you a pillow stuffed with beard hair. GROOOOOOSSSSSS!!!!!! haahhaa!

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