Flaws. And One Hour Left Until The New Year.


Flaws. We all have them. This is the picture that made me realize my eyes are strange. They’re too far apart, off center, and an unusual color. The hair can grow, but the eyes? Kinda stuck with ’em. There is an alternative, but I’d rather not, thankyouverymuch.

Of course I have goals for the new year, and things that I’d like to achieve. But mostly, I’d like to be still. To let the minor stuff go, and find more joy. I want to find a way to fill my bucket of Happy, and focus on the good in the world. If it doesn’t add to happiness, then I’d like to focus on something that does.

What are you hoping for this year? I hope 2013 gives you everything that you dream of. Happy New Year, my friends.


3 Comments on “Flaws. And One Hour Left Until The New Year.”

  1. Oh, the flaws we see in ourselves, the world doesn’t notice at all.

    As an aside, I notice that after I’ve gotten to know the heart of a person (albeit a heart with a dark side) I don’t see things on their face anymore. I just see them. Their sweet spirit or their wicked sense of humor.

    In 2013, I hope to feel guilty less about doing things I want to do. I hope to play my guitar more. To paint more. To read more.

    Love you, dearest.

  2. You have beautiful eyes, eyes that could birth a nation of colorful flowers!
    I hope you find tons of joy and loads of peace this year, M. Life is hard and the more we can enjoy the little things the better. *Hugs*

    My goals for this year are: #1: To write four very different novels under four different names. #2: Land a great agent to sell my pen-named work. #3: Find one of my flaws #4: To find Waldo #5: To try and be more mature, which isn’t easy when you’re this sexy…

    Okay, I just checked #3 from my list…

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