Happy Miss Murder

I was asked to show a picture of myself where I was truly happy, and I chose this one. It was a Sunday. I wore a red dress to church, and I came home to be with my family, whom I love more than life. I have glittery walls in my bedroom and an original The Last Unicorn movie poster … Read More

I Have A Shoe Fetish. I Know.

I can’t help it.     If only they weren’t perfect and charming and wonderful, then perhaps I could stay away. What are some of your favorite things? I’d love to hear!


They say you can tell a lot about a person by her lipstick. I wonder if that’s true? These are mine. Tiny implements of joy.

Meet Starlight and Moonlight

Starlight is a fat, sweet, Russian Dwarf Hamster. Moonlight is her sleeker, meaner, bitier sister. We bought the hamsters after Moon Bunny was taken. They look like chubby little mice, and we’re all pretty charmed. Except for maybe about 2:00 am, when they go nuts on their hamster wheel. Starlight likes to play and sit in your hand. Moonlight wants … Read More

Flaws. And One Hour Left Until The New Year.

Flaws. We all have them. This is the picture that made me realize my eyes are strange. They’re too far apart, off center, and an unusual color. The hair can grow, but the eyes? Kinda stuck with ’em. There is an alternative, but I’d rather not, thankyouverymuch. Of course I have goals for the new year, and things that I’d … Read More

A Newborn Field Mouse

I have to be honest;  It’s still difficult to be here.  I want to get back onto the writing/blogging horse. After the birth of one daughter and the death of two more, I feel like I’m a newborn field mouse, stumbling around in the meadow.  Some days I’m absolutely full of laughter.  Some days I wonder if I’ll ever stop … Read More