Baby Buffalo Tried To Wreck My Car. And Stuff.

I spent a week in Yellowstone. It was AWESOME.

I saw a few things on my trip. Like this:

It's cool. It's just lunch.

It’s cool. It’s just lunch.

and I did this:

That's me closest to the rock!

That’s me closest to the rock!

And I saw a black bear, moose with babies, red foxes, golden eagles, mountain goats, and so many buffalo that I had this in my head ALL OF THE TIME. (A baby? Awesome!)

It was a grand adventure. While I was there, I looked over and approved proofs, rewrote two stories for submission to an  audiobook collection, and did a short Q&A with TeleRead, which can be found here.

We discuss why I chose to publish Beautiful Sorrows with a publisher instead of self-pubbing, short stories, and Twitter serials. Stop by if you have a chance!

And that was my week. I need a vacation after my vacation. Oh, yes, that comes next week. I’m going to WHC in New Orleans! Time to let my hair down and forget all of the negative. I’ve been sad and have very much lost my sparkle. Maybe it’s time to get it back. :)

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