Baby Buffalo Tried To Wreck My Car. And Stuff.

I spent a week in Yellowstone. It was AWESOME. I saw a few things on my trip. Like this: and I did this: And I saw a black bear, moose with babies, red foxes, golden eagles, mountain goats, and so many buffalo that I had this in my head ALL OF THE TIME. (A baby? Awesome!) It was a grand … Read More

This Is My Baby

So. The last time I checked in, I had just sent Stormlight off to my agent. It feels so good to do that! I printed it out, double-sided, in a binder and read it aloud while driving to Big Sky, Montana. I caught a few little mistakes (curses!) but it was so good to do that. Reading my work. It … Read More

So I’m Turning My Novel In To My Agent Tomorrow.

Stormlight is ready to be kicked out into the Big Outside World. Of course, there are a hundred billion things that I still want to fiddle with, first. And I have been. And I am. And I’ll continue to do so for half of tomorrow. This is why you haven’t seen me. This is where I’ve been. Working. Want to … Read More