WIP Wednesday: Apocalyptic Montessa


I promised myself that I wouldn’t take on more projects than I could handle. I’d just tackle one at a time, nice and slow.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That didn’t last long.

I just finished a magical realism short story about butterflies and soul mates turned sour. I’m currently subbing it out. I’m also working on my novella Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love. It’s turning a little darker and less fanciful than I originally thought. I’m looking up semi trucks and head wounds for it. I’m also working on a collab with a friend that’s sweet and sad and very, very bizarre. This collaboration is like a slow river. No stress, no deadlines. Just a couple hundred words here and there,  sending it back and forth in eddies. It’s relaxing and gives me true joy.

I’m also putting together notes for my next novel, which came out of nowhere. It has to do with the language of flowers, a kitchen witch, personal loss, and searing emotional pain. I’ve been researching new ways to outline (I usually don’t outline at all) so this will be a different and exciting experience. I can’t wait to start writing it.

Summer has thrown a wrench in my productivity, of course. Oldest, Middlest, and Littlest take almost all of my time. But we’ve been playing with our new Russian Dwarf hamsters (we bought them right after our rabbit was taken from us. It helped dry the tears) and swimming in a tiny inflatable pool. I’ve colored pictures with my girls, and held my son on my lap. It’s been busy but beautiful.


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