Meet Starlight and Moonlight

Starlight is a fat, sweet, Russian Dwarf Hamster. Moonlight is her sleeker, meaner, bitier sister. We bought the hamsters after Moon Bunny was taken. They look like chubby little mice, and we’re all pretty charmed. Except for maybe about 2:00 am, when they go nuts on their hamster wheel. Starlight likes to play and sit in your hand. Moonlight wants … Read More

WIP Wednesday: Apocalyptic Montessa

I promised myself that I wouldn’t take on more projects than I could handle. I’d just tackle one at a time, nice and slow. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That didn’t last long. I just finished a magical realism short story about butterflies and soul mates turned sour. I’m currently subbing it out. I’m also working on my novella Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: … Read More