Shadow of the Moon

Some of you may remember a beautiful, mystical little white rabbit that showed up randomly in our yard this summer. I named her Moon Bunny and she was magic. But she was taken from us, and we were sad, and it left a hole.

Enter Shadow of the Moon.


I found this sweet thing in a shelter, and something about him spoke to my soul. (They *think* he’s a boy who was neutered far too young. Or perhaps a female. Whatever, s/he is perfect.)  Shadow was turned in by his owners because they couldn’t care for him anymore. He’s good with children and let me pet him. This sweet, black rabbit belongs with us. He’s the counterpart to Moon Bunny.

So, Shadow’s old family, I don’t expect you to see this. But sleep well knowing that your little one is taken care of.

We had the Nameless: The Darkness Comes Facebook release party last night and it was so much fun! I had such a great time! Friends and family gathered together, posting links to songs and talking. It’s a small world, and last night was a beautiful evening in it.

I wish you joy and parties and bunnies, my friends.



3 Comments on “Shadow of the Moon”

  1. Oh Mercedes, I am so glad you have Shadow of the Moon. It hurt me too when you lost Moon Bunny. I hope that Shadow of the Moon helps to heal that missing part from the way Moon Bunny was taken from you.

    As for the party…it was a great time. I loved getting to be part of it.



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