Christmas in July 2020

One of my favorite family traditions is Christmas in July. My parents did it for us when we were children, and now I do it for my kids. This year was extra sweet because my family had been in strict isolation for four months, and we drove up to see my parents, who had also been extremely isolated. Hugging my … Read More

The Hardest Blanket I Ever Made

I love making blankets. I love everything about them. I love choosing the prints, touching the fabrics, and sewing the pieces together. But I just took on the most difficult project I have ever faced. A very dear woman, whom I adore, lost her husband. She sent me two of his shirts and asked me if I could make something … Read More

Rest In Peace, Beautiful Thug Bunny

I don’t even know how to start this post. It’s a love story. Once upon a time I was looking at the local shelter’s website, and I found a picture of a black bunny with terrified eyes. The shelter had saddled him with the ridiculously unimaginative moniker “Shadow.” I told my best friend, the Angry Ginger, that I had found … Read More

Things of Peace and Beauty

Most of you know that my anxiety is through the roof. I make a conscious effort to bring peace and beauty into my home, so I have things to calm me. Like my indoor jungle.   Sitting next to a warm bunny. A sweet bowl for my kitty ring. Marsh the Mystery Cat snoozing outside. Small things, all, but things … Read More

I Love That This Is Our House.

Everything is worn and covered in stickers, but there is so much joy here. I snapped this picture today and really took a second to appreciate how lucky I am. It’s a loud house. It’s a very full house. This house is truly alive. <3

Meet Bunniculas Cage!

He is sweet and tiny, and we love him. Did I mention we love him? We love him. Even Thug Bunny, who hates everything and everyone, loves him. It’s the sweetest thing. Welcome to the family, little guy.  

This Blog Should be Renamed “Homesteading in Stilettos”

Because we’re getting chickens. That’s right. Chickens. Here in the middle of Las Vegas. In our backyard. Backyard chickens. The coop should be arriving any day. Hammer, nails, sweat, friends, and paint, and it will be standing soon. Today we checked out chickens! We also checked out bunnies and baby ducks, just for fun. Oh my goodness! Cuteness overload!   … Read More

Shadow of the Moon

Some of you may remember a beautiful, mystical little white rabbit that showed up randomly in our yard this summer. I named her Moon Bunny and she was magic. But she was taken from us, and we were sad, and it left a hole. Enter Shadow of the Moon. I found this sweet thing in a shelter, and something about … Read More