Life, The Universe, and Everything

I went to an absolutely wonderful con this weekend. No, it wasn’t a conference. It was a symposium. And it was fantastic!


I loved every single conference and workshop that I attended. I attended a wonderful poetry panel that inspired me to pull up my garters and work on poetry again. I took an extremely inspiring class on plotting your book in an hour by the very enjoyable Robert J. Defendi.

I cornered the poor man and Dan Willis in order to get more insight. The end result? The Illiterati and I plotted the second book in the Bone Angel trilogy on the way home from the conference. I even have the very last sentence in the book. YES!


These are my peeps! The Illiterati.

I did an extremely enjoyable podcast with The Think Tank (I’ll link you when it comes out) and was lucky enough to see Charlie Pulsipher’s velociraptor impersonation. It. Is. IMPRESSIVE. Because I respect Charlie so much, I fisted my hands at my sides so I wouldn’t swing and knock the poor guy out. Go, us!

ImageOrson Scott Card taught a workshop that was limited to 50 people. The Illiterati and I were all able to squeeze in, and it was a mind-blowing 2 1/2 hours. We plotted an entire novel in that workshop. I learned things about structure that hadn’t made sense to me before, but now it did. And that night I had the first alien dream of my life.  Pretty awesome.

I had a great time. We practically lived out of the car, which we usually call Leeroy Jenkins, but is now Casa de Yukon. I spent more time sleeping in there than I can tell you. But it was nice!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend, my friends!


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  1. Thank you, Lee! It was wonderful, and I needed the break. Hey, I mentioned you in an interview somewhere. Let me find it.

    Ardee-ann! It was so lovely! I enjoyed it so much!

    Mary, I believe you’re as alien as they come. 😉 Ooh! What track? I’m excited!

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