Announcing The Super Sekrit Project! Shattered Worlds.

So we’ve been sitting on this for months, but it’s finally time to announce the Shattered Worlds project.


Dave Robison

Dave Robison has created an delicious fantasy world that blends physics, religion, alien races, and pirates into one elaborate realm. This thing is huge, and complex. It’s a intriguing playground to roam in. And to kick off the very first “book” in the Shattered World series, Dave wanted to do something extra special.


Alasdair Stuart

The Shattered Worlds is starting with a bang.

Dave invited Alasdair Stuart, Colin F. Barnes, Sarah Chorn, and I to each write (get this) nine to ten interlocking novellas that will piece together in order to form Voltron! Er, a 150,000 word omninovel! Isn’t that absolutely insane? But wait, it gets better.


Colin F. Barnes

We’re going to write it in a month.

You heard me. One. Month.


Sarah Chorn

One month, start to finish, weaving our stories together. We started this endeavor as strangers, but I’m pretty sure we’ll finish each other’s sentences by the time we’re done. (Ha, literally.) It’s terrifying and exciting and something extremely powerful. I think “audacious” is the word that keeps coming up.


Mercedes M. Yardley (that’s me!)

It’s intense and wonderful. A thing of insanity, and that attracts me. In fact, I’d better wrap this up so I can get back to work on my part of it. With a team this stellar, I’m terrified of being the weak link.

Read what my teammates have to say about it above! And wish us luck. 🙂

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