WIP Wednesday: Shattered Worlds

Ah, WIP Wednesdays! How I have missed you! It’s been a while. I have a zillion projects down the pipe, but today I’m focusing exclusively on the Shattered Worlds project, which I announced HERE. The kiddos were out of school last week for Spring Break, and I’ve also had a headache for six days now, so I didn’t get off … Read More

Announcing The Super Sekrit Project! Shattered Worlds.

So we’ve been sitting on this for months, but it’s finally time to announce the Shattered Worlds project. Dave Robison has created an delicious fantasy world that blends physics, religion, alien races, and pirates into one elaborate realm. This thing is huge, and complex. It’s a intriguing playground to roam in. And to kick off the very first “book” in … Read More