This Time Last Year, I Was in New Orleans

I was there for World Horror Convention. I stayed in a beautiful house with my friends. We experienced joy and tragedy. It was a house of laughter and sorrow, much like the city.

Enjoy a few pictures of the city last year. It was such a pleasure.


My laptop, a bay blanket, and a “Don’t Forget Me” letter from my middlest. 🙂


We rented a house that came with a bottle of vodka and a game of Twister. I touched neither. I can’t say the same for my housemates.



Mason Bundschuh and Mort Castle play ukelele and harmonica after the Bram Stoker Awards.


How do you do that voodoo you do so well?



This is my brother in everything but blood. I bought my own uke right after this.



It was just such a pleasure to be somewhere so different from home.


One Comment on “This Time Last Year, I Was in New Orleans”

  1. Sheesh… it doesn’t seem that long ago, but you’re right.

    Ok, that’s it, we’re planning our next adventure ASAP (and it won’t get hijacked like our Mexico trip! Promise)

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