Christmas Eve’s Eve

It’s been quite the holiday. Deadlines have been fast and furious. Holidays can be difficult for those we love. Life is just, you know, life. But I wanted to try to do small, sweet things the kids would remember fondly.

We wrote and mailed letters to Santa.

IMG_8682We made “gingerbread” houses out of graham crackers.

image(17)We had an interactive Nativity.


We wrapped presents.


The key for was to do different, fun things but keep it low-key enough that it didn’t cause me stress. Because we have enough stress in our lives, don’t we?

Tomorrow we’re dressing in our pajamas and baking cookies for Santa, who has his own special treat plate. It will be a simple thing, but hopefully a special memory.

Merry Christmas, my friends. 🙂

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  1. Mercedes, you are so beautiful and magical. I am so very sorry that depression is clawing at you but glad that you are finding ways to make the holidays beautiful and memorable for your children. Sending much love and holiday magic your direction, Ardee-ann

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