My New Year’s Resolution Involves Kanye West. Doesn’t Yours?


I found this fun little Random New Year’s Resolution Generator. I thought my resolution for the year was centered around the theme “less”, but no. I resolve to love others as much as Kanye West loves himself.

And that’s an awful lot.

This totally made me giggle! Why not try your hand at it and tell me what your random New Year’s Resolution is? I’d love to hear it! 😀

2 Comments on “My New Year’s Resolution Involves Kanye West. Doesn’t Yours?”

  1. I, Ardee Eichelmann resolve to only order off of the happy hour menu.

    Well, alrighty then. In my city the only thing that I know of being able to find on the “happy hour menu” is alcohol. I will either have a very hazy year(not) or have to avoid going out for 2015. The latter is probably the better plan.

    Mercedes, I totally love your “resolution.”

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