Mama Pupper Has Regrets

My father sent me this text and I burst out laughing. His coworker, who is an old classmate of mine, has a sweet dog who just had a whooooooole bunch of babies. Her expression kills me. Have a wonderful day, my darlings!  

A Realistic First Day of School

So if Pinterest has taught me anything, it’s that I majorly fail as a mother. And I’m okay with that. My children may not have picture perfect matching First Day of School outfits, but they know that they’re loved. And they know their mom is crazy happy for them to go back to school. Hooray! We didn’t have that elaborate … Read More

Stephen King's CAT

I made a meme based on Stephen King’s IT, which is one of my favorite books of all time. This was Marsh being a goofball.  

Alice Is A Lush

We know why she saw what she did in Wonderland. Look at the size of her bottle!

My New Year’s Resolution Involves Kanye West. Doesn’t Yours?

I found this fun little Random New Year’s Resolution Generator. I thought my resolution for the year was centered around the theme “less”, but no. I resolve to love others as much as Kanye West loves himself. And that’s an awful lot. This totally made me giggle! Why not try your hand at it and tell me what your random … Read More

The Best CAPTCHA Ever!

I just typed in the best CAPTCHA phrase that I have ever seen:  Whoomort.  It’s obviously Voldemort’s free-spirited brother.