NAMELESS: The Darkness Comes Has a Lickable Cover!

“Oh, Miss Murder,” you say sweetly and with a tad bit of nervousness, “I think that you made an error there. I’m sure you meant to say that Nameless has a likeable cover.”

Aren’t you dear? But no, I meant exactly that. The cover is deliciously lickable. Observe.

SethSeth Skorkowsky, author of DΓ€moren.


Melanie Meadors, author and publicist.

DonaldAnd a lady-scarf wearing reader.

You can’t argue with the evidence.

Don’t miss out! Lick your own copy of Nameless today! And if you do, please send me pictures. πŸ™‚

3 Comments on “NAMELESS: The Darkness Comes Has a Lickable Cover!”

  1. Oh, that made me laugh. I don’t think that licking the Kindle would have the same effect though. So I think I will pass on giving Nameless the lick test. Hugs, Ardee-ann

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