Listen to the Zombiepalooza Broadcast!


Jackie Chin at Zombiepalooza puts on a fine show. The interview was both fun and serious, and she asked insightful questions, as always.We discussed writing horror, of course, but we also discussed some dark, deep issues that need to be talked about, including #HagGate, why I wrote the post (you can read that here) and how, by attacking the author who made the original “hag” comments, we became no better. If you run after a monster with a pitch fork, you become a monster yourself.

I loved listening to the other fabulous ladies on air, too. They’re all smart, eloquent woman and it was just super cool to crawl inside their heads for a little bit.

So! If you have some time, please listen! You can find it here, on Season 2, Episode 60. I’m on during the third hour.

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