Pimp A Friend Friday: Jackie Chin

My friend Jackie Chin hosts the wonderful and always entertaining Zombiepalooza Radio Live. I’ve been fortunate to be a guest, and I’ve enjoyed it without fail. She asks thoughtful, in-depth questions and it’s really something to tune into weekly. Jackie wrote the book Practical Paranormal: The Untold Secrets to Mastering Self and Your Surroundings. I’ve picked it up and can’t wait to … Read More

A Recorded Interview! Woo!

  You guys, I had so much fun on Jackie Chin’s ZOMBIEPALOOZA radio show on Friday! It was a pleasure to talk about Little Dead Red, being a woman in horror, and showing you my ukulele briefly. (I strum it when I’m nervous.)  If you would like to watch, this is part two of the show. You’ll catch Nicole Cushing, John … Read More

Join Us on Zombiepalooza Tonight!

Jackie Chin was gracious enough to invite five Bram Stoker Award nominees and winners onto her show tonight! Kick back and chat. Zombiepalooza Radio Live Presents: Winners and Nominees from the Bram Stoker Awards (May-2016) Date: 5-20-16 Time: 8:00 pm till 1am EST Place: YouTube- https://goo.gl/lQPXI2 1. 8:10-9pm EST: Author Patrick Freivald Nominated for Superior Achievement in a Novel – … Read More

Listen to the Zombiepalooza Broadcast!

Jackie Chin at Zombiepalooza puts on a fine show. The interview was both fun and serious, and she asked insightful questions, as always.We discussed writing horror, of course, but we also discussed some dark, deep issues that need to be talked about, including #HagGate, why I wrote the post (you can read that here) and how, by attacking the author … Read More

Join Me on Zombiepalooza Tonight!

Jackie Chin is doing a wonderful show tonight dedicated exclusively to women in horror. And that’s pretty awesome.  She’ll be hosting Sephera Giron, Lisa Lane, Suzie M, Chantal Noordeloos, and myself. We will each have 45 minutes to talk with Jackie and discuss our work, what it’s like writing in the genre, and, in my case, a few choice words … Read More

I’m Guesting on Zombiepalooza This Friday!

  I’m excited to announce that the very enjoyable Jackie Chin invited me to guest on the Zombiepalooza radio show this Friday! I’ll be on from 9-10 PM Eastern, so please stop by and ask questions! Call in or ask in the chat room. Otherwise I’ll be playing my ukelele and being dorky. You know. My awkward usual. You can … Read More

Zombiepalooza in Two Hours! Call in. :)

Whatcha doin’ tonight, friends? What’s that? You’re listening to Zombiepalooza radio? That’s a fabulous idea! Because I’m going to be on there live in two hours. Fill free to listen! Even better, call in and ask me questions. Beg me *not* to play my ukelele. Whatever you’d like. 🙂 Here is the information: 3rd HOUR 10-11 pm EST 4/25/14 Author/Publisher: … Read More