A Typical Day Living with Williams Syndrome

0424150809This photo breaks my heart and makes me smile at the same time. It stirs up emotion.

This is my beautiful, guileless son, who has Williams Syndrome. He’s crying in the bathtub after I told him his behavior wasn’t up to par and he wouldn’t earn a trip to McDonalds unless he improved.

His emotions are always so close to the surface. He wants to do what’s right, and he tries to please. He spent the rest of the morning giving me kisses and proving how good he could be.

We have challenges every single day. I drop into bed utterly exhausted at night, every night, and have for the past twelve years. But I wouldn’t change this sweetheart for the world.


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  1. Mercedes, I love you so much. I think that you are an amazing woman. I hope that you don’t feel insulted when I say that as I read this post the thought that “God will never give me more than I can handle, but I wish he didn’t trust me this much.” went through my mind. I have never dealt with a child who has William’s Syndrome. I have learned all that I know about it from you and from reading more about it on the web so I will understand the condition better to further appreciate what goes into parenting Niko. That being said, as a former child welfare worker I spent lots of time helping to care for children with all types of special needs. So in some ways I can relate even though I have not lived it 24/7 for twelve years. Niko is a beautiful child. I pray for all of you every day. Love, Ardee-ann

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