1,000 Hours Of Volunteering

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

Sometimes a thought keeps coming to your mind.  Call it gut instinct, or the voice of God, or your own subconscious, or your heart communicating with your brain, or what you will, but when this voice speaks, you need to listen.  My voice has been telling me that the world is becoming an ugly place and it’s time to make things better. I’m tired of the negative campaigning, of mass shootings, of the hate.  I want this life to be beautiful and have sparkle. I can’t expect anybody else to change it for me, so what can I do?
I’m making a bucket list so my own personal life will be more enjoyable (I’ll post it here later. Hooray!) and one of my goals on that list is to volunteer for 1,000 hours.  I can count everything from babysitting for dear friends to volunteering at the local Bountiful Baskets site. Hopefully it will make me more aware of ways that I can contribute something positive to society, and it will fulfill me.  1,000 hours is a long time, but do you think it’s enough to make a difference to anybody but myself?
How do you contribute to those around you? Anybody else interested in taking this challenge with me?

3 Comments on “1,000 Hours Of Volunteering”

  1. I’ll take on the 1000 hours of volunteering challenge. Is there a time limit? Are you counting church hours? I could probably get there just with hours I volunteer at school….

  2. Beautiful! Do you ever log into 43Things.com? It’s a great site for posting goals like that. I like to log in every year or so and see how many I’ve actually done.

  3. Yes, Laura! Let’s do it together! No time limit. I’m not counting church meetings, but I’m counting any extras. Yay!
    Ha, Red! I had an account on 43 things and one of my goals was to do the splits. Ain’t gonna happen, yo. 😉

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