Red Carpet Recap

Guys. Guys. There was a red carpet and I walked on it Thursday. Are you frickin’ SERIOUS?
I met the very cool and talented Brad Meltzer on Thursday night, and he was a doll. Brad is on the right. On the left is author James Joseph Brown, a Vegas author whom I adore.


Look. Flashing light bulbs. We’re famous. πŸ˜›

As you can see, it was a very serious affair. Elegant and worldly, that was us.
IMG_2140 (4)I’ll admit that I was a bit daunted to meet Brad M. because he always seems SO SERIOUS. Check out that man’s publicity photos. I told my husband that my goal at this reception was to see if I could catch this man smiling.
That took about 20 seconds, and it was a lovely thing.
I spent all day Saturday at the Vegas Valley Book Festival. It rained, and then the sun scalded us, but it was fun the entire time! There was standing-room only at our panel, and it became a very lively conversation. I staggered out of there with far too many books and an offer to submit to a publishing house. I’d call it a successful day. πŸ™‚

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