Red Carpet Recap

Guys. Guys. There was a red carpet and I walked on it Thursday. Are you frickin’ SERIOUS? I met the very cool and talented Brad Meltzer on Thursday night, and he was a doll. Brad is on the right. On the left is author James Joseph Brown, a Vegas author whom I adore. As you can see, it was a … Read More

Come To My Panel Today!

So if you’re in Vegas and have nothing to do (because this city is totally snoozy, right? :P) then come to the Vegas Valley Book Festival today! Even if you have several hundred thousand things to do, stop by anyway. It’s the biggest book festival in town. There will be fantastic authors like Brad Meltzer (who I met on Thursday … Read More

Join Me at the Vegas Valley Book Festival October 15-17

One of my favorite events here is the Vegas Valley Book Festival. Last year I attended and met B.J. Novak as well as one of my favorite writers of all time, Aimee Bender. It was a genuine pleasure, and Aimee was everything I had ever hoped she would be, and more. She’s the type of woman who waves at you … Read More