6 Comments on “A Bark Scorpion at Miss Murder's House”

  1. *shudders* ACK! I hate those things! I don’t usually find them where I live in the metro Phoenix area, but I had one in my bathroom down in Tucson. Luckily, my roommate had feral cats and one of them had maimed it.

  2. Gah! Animals are the best! They’re fearless. We had some in our bathroom and they were terrifying. I also had one scurry across my hand. They’re getting too close for comfort. I totally did the YICK dance for you!

    1. Only one person has ever seen me do the YICK dance while running from a scorpion and screaming KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT, and that was my roommate, Heather. LOL

  3. Yikes! All of a sudden snow storms don’t seem so bad, after all. Please be careful, Mercedes!

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