Little Dead Red is an Official Nominee!

There have been so many wonderful things going on lately that I haven’t been able to keep up. But I am delighted to announce that Little Dead Red made the official Bram Stokers Award final ballot in the long fiction category. It’s my first time ever being a Bram Stokers Award nominee and I’m quite excited about it. You all know that Little Dead Red is close to my heart.
The Awards ceremony will take place in (wait for it) LAS VEGAS this May. Since it’s a 15 minute drive to downtown, I’ll certainly be there for it. There will also be a live streaming of the awards for those who would like to check in from the comfort of your own homes.
This is a diverse ballot this year, notable for the number of women included, the number of first-timers on the ballot, and the inclusion of the first self-published work ever reach final ballot. I have to admit that I’m pretty thrilled.
This is only one of many things that went on last week! I’ll get to the rest soon. Have a wonderful day, my friends!

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