Welcome to Miss Murder's Family Farm

My house is where unwanted animals magically appear. And I love it, I truly do.
I stayed up until 2:00 last night trying to get some words done. And I wrote 4,300 of them, which delights me. What did not delight me as much was waking up three hours later because of the chickens.
Yes, we have chickens again. A dear friend had to give hers up, and we chicken-sat a dozen for a week before we ended up keeping four.


Morning, ladies!

We have Jessica Fletcher (my friend took her when we had the dog, and we’re delighted to have Her Prissiness back!), Pork Bowl, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, and the bantam, which isn’t pictured here. She’s called The Bantam Menace. She’s gone all day and only comes back to eat and roost. Moocher.

Jessica Fletcher looking unusually regal in the sunrise.

Why were the chickens upset? Because of this beauty.
He’s a stray that wandered into our yard, and then decided to visit every morning. He’s letting me pet him, feed him, and today I took the brush and brushed the yuck out of his fur.
He’s sweet, affectionate, and look at how beautiful he is! I’m so happy he comes by. My husband is deathly allergic to cats, so I left the brush outside. Then I threw my clothes in the incinerator (er, washing machine) and took a shower before kissing hubby goodbye.
Then it was time to feed the bunnies, because. Bunnies. Thug Bunny was rescued from a shelter. He was another unwanted animal. Bunniculas Cage, whom the girls call Yum Yums, was intended to be rabbit meat. We bought him from a local feed store and promised never to eat him.

Thug Bunny and Yum Yums deign to eat from their hooman’s hand just this once.

Now it’s time to be soundly ignored by Rush the turtle, who wants nothing to do with us. Ever. She was given up by her owner several years ago, and has been silently loathing and judging me ever since.

She’s inside this log, flipping me off with all four feet. Just so I get the picture.

I love my animals. They give me joy, although perhaps more joy if they slept in. But the early morning furry/feathery/leathery snuggles make for a happy day.
What do you have wandering around in your home and yards? I’d love to know!

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  1. Greetings,
    We have our puppy Jack, a family of toads living under the house, a little mouse we leave good out and he/she lives in the garage. We have a family of bunnies but Jack scared them off. And our landlord, he wonders around aimlessly. He suffers from Alzheimers and after 4 years, he still does not know our names.
    Have a great day and keep you, the kiddies, and all they animals safe. Oh, your hubby, too.
    Oldman B

  2. Mercedes you made me cry. I love all of your babies. It is so wonderful that they have you. I am crying because for 25 years I took care of feral & stray cats at the my house. At one time I was feeding 100 plus feral cats and kittens, plus a few coons and possums. I also had my own pack of rescue dogs. People didn’t want there dogs and we got them.
    Since I have moved and I live in a community for people of a certain age, my feral cats have been/are being cared for and trapped by a local organization that does such things. They are being re-homed to a cat sanctuary.
    I miss my cats. Oh how I miss my cats. I couldn’t pet them but I loved them. They all had names, they were very well fed, had fresh water in a bowl and in a drip all of the time. Most of all they were loved. I can’t emphasize how much they were loved. I know that they are safe and cared for. I try to comfort myself with that.

  3. We had 11 guinea pigs, rescue ones now sadly five years later we only have three left. All boys, Papa the oldest, Sonic middle and Smudgie the youngest. We also have our surviving goldfish Keichiro who greets us in the morning with the “feed me mouth”. lol We had our beautiful cat Tig, who was 25 in human years, she passed away this year. Oh and we also have our dawg, Dante. He is a german shepherd, collie cross but looks pure GSD. He is our baby and is such a sensitive soul that when we cry he comes and licks away our tears. Our mad house is the happiest on the street.

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