Things of Peace and Beauty

Most of you know that my anxiety is through the roof. I make a conscious effort to bring peace and beauty into my home, so I have things to calm me. Like my indoor jungle.
Sitting next to a warm bunny.
A sweet bowl for my kitty ring.
img_5336-1Marsh the Mystery Cat snoozing outside. Small things, all, but things of joy. They’re tiny islands of beauty in a stormy sea, and every time I see these things I smile.
What are some of your favorite things? Would you share them with me? I’d love to hear.

One Comment on “Things of Peace and Beauty”

  1. The sound of rain.
    Cute kawaii/chibi stickers putting faces on things like pumpkins & cupcakes.
    Snugly cardi’s.
    Grabbing unsuspecting passerby childrens for a snuggle (just mine tho so I don’t give some poor mother a heart attack).
    A favorite pen with nice ink flow.
    Reading a Merc post. 🙂

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