Chasing After Joy

Mornings are a terror. Getting the kiddos dressed, finding lost shoes, doing a five-year-old’s hair, getting Oldest onto the bus, and dropping the girls off at school usually wears me out. I was on my way home to do some work when I saw this gorgeous rainbow.
It was bright. Really bright. It was probably the most defined, colorful rainbow that I have ever seen in my life. Breathtaking.
In that moment, I made a conscious decision to shove deadlines, laundry, and the To-Do List to the back of my mind. I flipped my car around and drove off after the rainbow. There was a light rain and I was listening to Christmas music in the car. Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Canon, to be exact.

Many of you know that I struggle with anxiety and depression. It’s a major force, if not THE major force in my life, and I’m constantly building my day around it. But I make an effort to choose joy as much as I can. I take pictures of things that catch my eye. I remind myself of the good in the world, and while it’s an active fight, day after day, it helps me to recognize moments of peace when I can find them.
This was such a moment. Music and rainbows. I was so enraptured that I was actually surprised by an expected phone call that I had forgotten. I was to be interviewed for a city magazine.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I saw a rainbow and started to chase it. May I call you back from home?”
He quite graciously agreed and said he understood. Even that was a joy. I drove home and my terrible, stressed-out day felt more like something magical.

3 Comments on “Chasing After Joy”

  1. Oh Mercedes, I can so relate to this post. I applaud you for taking the time to chase the rainbow. There is truly something magical about doing so. I am so glad that this action helped to brighten your day. Hugs my friend, Ardee-ann

    1. My sweet Mercedes…What a delight to chase after Rainbows and be able to set aside the depression. Magical Lady…You also Shimmer and Shine … Gibe your self these kind of gifts whenever possible. Love you my Friend. Peace !!!

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