Easy Friends and Family Gifts!

We’ve let Christmas overwhelm us. It isn’t about spirituality or kindness or even really family anymore. It’s about gifts, about running ourselves ragged, about filling our days with so much joy and merriment that it somehow turns into pressure. I’ve been trying to avoid that feeling this year, and simplifying has been a great help.
I saw this on The Merry Little Christmas Project,  and liked the idea so much that I tried it myself. Instead of stressing over what to give teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, etc, try doing something fun and simple.
I bought a few large candy bars and wrapped them in colorful Christmas pages torn out of magazines.  The lighting isn’t great in this picture, but the gifts are glossy and full of bright colors. They only took a few minutes, didn’t overwhelm me, and are absolutely charming. It’s nice to have a quick, inexpensive gift on hand, and a handwritten note will make each one personal and heartfelt. They’re also darling stocking stuffers,
What are some of your gift ideas? I’d love to hear!

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