Miss Murder Takes a Holiday

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My husband gifted me with a night’s stay at the hotel a mile from our house. So I was close enough I could be accessible if the house burned down or the kiddo’s heads exploded, but I was otherwise off limits.
I wrote on the balcony. I laughed at 20 minutes of vintage South Park (Drugs are bad, m’kay) until I realized with horror that I was wasting time. I took a long, hot bubble bath, and then crawled into nice, clean sheets that I didn’t have to wash. It was such a wonderful, wonderful night.

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  1. Hotels are great. Every year for our anniversary I try to take Emily somewhere fun but I always look forward to the hotel the most. I think because I was kind of a poor kid and staying in a hotel was a rare thing for me and a hotel room was always nicer than the old house I used to live in (or any of the old apartments I’ve lived in as an adult lol)

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