Ann Wilson in Las Vegas!

My first concert was Heart’s Bad Animals tour when I was seven years old. I’ll forever be thankful that my dad was cool enough to take me. They’ve been one of my favorite bands forever. So when Ann Wilson preformed on Fremont Street, I was all over that!
Her voice is so incredible. I always wanted to sing like Ann Wilson or Bonnie Tyler, but I sound more like a very timid Jewel.
It was 105 degrees outside with no airflow, so we were dying a bit. This is what a very hot Ann Wilson fan looks like. But it was so worth it!
What an amazing night! Her music moved my soul. What a pleasure to let go a little bit and dance in the street my husband and happy strangers!
Who are some favorites you’d love to see in concert, or see again?

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  1. I’ve been to many great concerts, but my favorite has to be Joe Walsh. It was around the time his “Confessor” album came out (1985, before he rejoined the Eagles). He appeared at the now-demolished 🙁 Warwick Musical Theatre, an intimate, 3,300-seat theater in the round with a revolving stage. My wife and I sat seven rows from the stage. He played an acoustical set to start, then his guitar came to screaming, fabulous life. He played all of his hits, along with some “deep cuts”. In the middle of “Life In The Fast Lane”, he switched gears seamlessly and played “The Confessor”, and then he switched back and played the remainder of “Fast Lane”. It was incredible! My only regret is that I had no camera!

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