Listen to My Story “Arctic” on Sudden Fictions Podcast!

I’m excited to share that my obsession with women’s otherworldly hearts and men’s starshine eyes is alive and well. RB Wood narrates my flash fiction story “Arctic” on Sudden Fictions Podcast. The prompt was “ice” and I just sat down and wrote a lovely little story in one go. It’s very Mercedesesque. Please take a listen, and I hope you … Read More

Ann Wilson in Las Vegas!

My first concert was Heart’s Bad Animals tour when I was seven years old. I’ll forever be thankful that my dad was cool enough to take me. They’ve been one of my favorite bands forever. So when Ann Wilson preformed on Fremont Street, I was all over that! Her voice is so incredible. I always wanted to sing like Ann Wilson … Read More

How Deep It Goes

There was a point in college where I was working five jobs in order to hold everything together.  One of them was cleaning the buildings at night.  I remember being the only person in one of the buildings, sweeping up and singing this song at the top of my lungs.  Welcome to my childhood, everybody.  🙂