Desert Companion: Mercedes M. Yardley's "My Space"

The Desert Companion ran a piece on my writing space in their December issue.  Scott Dickensheets did a write-up of all of my various odds and ends while Brent Holmes threw himself on the floor to take some pictures of my teeny, tiny little area. My writing space is literally the corner of my bedroom. I found myself apologizing.
“I’m sorry it’s so little.”
“I don’t always write here. Sometimes it’s on the couch or I put my feet up on the kitchen table. Does this make me a liar?”
“This house is a shoebox. I want to laugh when you use the word ‘space’.”
But when all is said and done, it’s my happy little area and I love it. Each little item fills me with joy. It’s truly my personal corner of the world.
51wLPTnSRNLI hope you’ll check out My Space and enjoy, and also consider purchasing a copy of the charity copy Vegas Strong. I donated a story titled “His Girl Friday” and the proceeds all go to the Code Green Campaign, which is a first responder-oriented mental health advocacy and education organization. We’re still feeling the effects of the mass shooting in Vegas, and I don’t now if those effects will ever cease. This is a small way I, and you, can help. 🙂
Have a wonderful day! Happy writing and reading.

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