Join Us for the #VegasStrong Book Signing!

Do you remember where you were during the mass shooting as Las Vegas? I do. A week before that, we had taken my 10-year-old down to that area for a concert. The morning of the shooting, I was in that area with my parents. I was participating in a book reading and it was their first time watching me. They were so proud.

While the shooting happened, I was on social media and the phone, checking in with people I love. Everyone was affected. Everyone knew somebody who had been shot. It was a horror. My kids’ classes at school were missing 2/3 of their children because people were grieving and lying low for a few days. Ever go to school on a normal school day and see a nearly empty playground at recess? It’s chilling.

19 authors, including me, got together and created the #VegasStrong anthology. All proceeds are donated to the Code Green Campaign. Please join us Monday, July 2 at 7 pm at the Clark County Library for a discussion and signing. Much love.

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