Pimp A Friend Friday: Barones Lovey de Luxe

I was invited to a fun, super sekrit project that will be coming in 2020, and I needed some pictures for it. Pictures aren’t my favorite things. I have that “Hello, I had triplets” tummy, a stiff smile, and now I have this strange wonky eye. (Thanks, scorpion!) I’m awkward and uncomfortable in front of a camera. I’ve never had a photographer take a headshot I like. It’s usually me in the backyard with a phone so I can take 200 shots and narrow it down to two.
Enter Baroness Lovey de Luxe, a fantastic photographer from Seattle who regularly travels to Vegas. I came across her on Groupon, and I was attracted to her for two reasons. 1) The photos on her site are gorgeous. 2) She’s a boudoir photographer, so I figured she’d be adept at dealing with somebody awkward and nervous. I was absolutely right.
She did my hair and makeup, which was just exquisite. She was fun, professional, and warm enough that I soon felt at ease, which is saying something. She had several different ideas for several different photos. I said things like, “I don’t know what to do with my meat hands,” and she showed me how to place them. She told me how to pose and made me feel like a star. And when I got the pictures back, I nearly cried.
Look at me. LOOK AT ME.
HRMER3706 (1)
She brought out confidence. I felt beautiful. I look at these pictures and smile. That eye doesn’t look like a life-changing horror at all.
She’s planning to be in Las Vegas on August 8-10. She’ll also be coming out for a few days in September. I’m trying to talk her into coming to horror conventions and taking some shots there because she is just incredibly talented and warm. If you’re looking for pictures, I can’t recommend her highly enough. You can check her out here.

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