Recap of The Diamond Valley Writers Guild

Tim Chizmar and I had a great time doing a one-day road trip and speaking to the Diamond Valley Writers Guild last week! I l left my house at 3:00. I met up with Tim, and we began the 4 1/2 hour drive to Hemet, CA.


This is Vegas at 3 am. As you can see, it’s dark.


The Hemet library was gorgeous. The Diamond Valley Writers Guild was made up of intelligent, curious, motivated people. We spoke and then went out to lunch with members of the audience. Then we headed home.

It was a long, rewarding, wonderful day, and I’d speak there again in a heartbeat. 


3 Comments on “Recap of The Diamond Valley Writers Guild”

  1. We’d love to come back! It was so much fun!

    We had a great time. And no, I’m not tough. I was okay that day but the day after I was a whiny little tired baby. I’m too old for early mornings and late night. 😉

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